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If you are a professional or just want to beautify and increase the value of your garden, you are in the right place! Our trees can instantly transform your space into a haven of natural beauty and a haven of relaxation.

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We are in the plant trade
over 2 decades

  • We offer the largest variety of olive trees in Greece
  • At prices lower than the competition
  • Our products have phytosanitary passports
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Great experience in what we do.

The largest variety of olive trees
in Greece

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Our staff will be happy to send you photos, videos and all the information you need, should you not be able to visit the nursery and the plants in person.

Once a month, a phytopathologist visits the nursery and examines the plants, advising our technicians of both any critical issues and the necessary interventions to guarantee the highest quality for our customers. Our plants are our babies, and we take care of them every day!

We do not handle the transport ourselves, but rely on qualified transporters with whom we have been collaborating for years and agree with you in advance on the method and cost of shipping. We ship our plants throughout Italy and Europe in bulk, on Dutch carts, on pallets or on wooden boxes, depending on the type of plants to be shipped, their quantity and your preferences.

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