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Our vision

Our vision is to pass on our love for large trees, as most nurseries are associated with small and medium sized plants. At the same time, we wish to introduce the luxury that our products such as olive, palm and other Mediterranean ornamentals offer to the Greek natural landscape, so that there is no garden, courtyard, building or hotel without at least one large tree!

Our story

Welcome to our nursery, we are Delta Nurseries. In 1996 Lampros and Thomas Douroukis started growing palm trees on privately owned land in Aitoloakarnania.

Then in 2003, the production activity was extended to ornamental trees of high growth, such as mulberry, plane, oak trees and of course olive trees, which today are the flagship of Delta Trees.
In the meantime, they have been involved in transplanting, unloading and transporting centenarian and even ancient olive trees, an activity that requires a high level of expertise and professionalism. At the same time, they travelled abroad and worked with major nurseries, mainly in Italy and Spain.
In 2013, the passion for big trees took flesh and blood with the opening of the nursery at near the tolls of Afidnes, in Kapandriti. In 2015 they set up new facilities in the western Peloponnese. Today, this love has been passed on to the new generation, to George Douroukis, who is involved in sales, and Kalliopi Dourouki, who is an agronomist.

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Lampros Douroukis

Thomas Douroukis

George Douroukis

Kalliopi Dourouki

Great experience in what we do.

The largest variety of olive trees
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