This video is a short tour of the central part of our nursery, where you can see some of the most beautiful olive trees in our collection, some of which are over 1000 years old. They are living works of art, with a commanding presence due to their highly aesthetic trunk value and lush clay green foliage. Their majesty has prompted us to call them Trees of the Gods, as in Greece since ancient times, the olive tree, being a sacred tree, symbolized peace, prosperity and hope.

Who said it is impossible for an olive tree to be transported by sea and reach its final destination thousands of kilometers away? This short video shows an excerpt from the process of transporting a century-old olive tree from Greece to the United Arab Emirates by crane to a yacht. The olive trees are carefully loaded and tied with special straps so that there are no abrasions and the transport is as safe as possible.

Loading and then transplanting a tree is not an easy task, as various damage can occur to the tree and more. At our nursery we therefore make sure that there is supervision and coordination during these operations. In this video, the loading of a weeping willow (Salix babylonica) follows, where with its impressive, due to its downward sloping foliage, it will definitely be an iconic element in the space where it will be placed.

Perhaps the most beautiful tree of the palm family is the Washingtonia Fan Palm. This species is preferred, not only for its imposing appearance, but also for the fact that it brings rapid growth, great resistance to weather and salinity. In this video, pruning is performed to remove dead leaves, which are located at the bottom of the crown. Care is always taken to cut below the last thorn and at an angle of 45°.