Platanus & Liquidambar (Plane Tree & Sweetgum Tree)

The plane tree is one of the deciduous protagonists of gardening. Its majestic height, which grows rapidly, can exceed 25 meters. Because of its form and the atmosphere it creates around it, it is inextricably linked to places where people gather, which is why it is placed in parks, squares and large gardens for shade. It bears large palmate leaves with 5 lobes, but also a lovely trunk that creates abstract patterns as it peels. It is a tree with low soil requirements, and prefers moisture while having tolerance to heat.

The lime tree, or wetland, is an ornamental deciduous tree, which in recent years has been high in the preferences of those with large gardens. The lime tree is a large growing tree that resembles a plane tree in appearance, as it has palmate leaves with 5-7 lobes. However, the feature that makes this tree so impressive is that it changes 3 colors over the seasons, from green, to yellow and then red. Moreover, liquidambar is the last deciduous tree, that loses its leaves in winter, which is particularly useful for landscaping, as when the surrounding deciduous trees are stripped, it remains fully red. As with the plane tree, it is placed in parks, squares, but also in large gardens. Finally, it is highly resistant to cold and diseases.